Why Are PC Sales Declining?


If anyone has been following the news, then you would know PC sales are declining. Recent decisions by Sony and Samsung to stop selling laptops in Europe have everyone wondering why. Samsung has made the choice to pull the Ativ Windows and Chromebook devices in Europe. Sony sold its Vaio sector in February of this year. A Samsung spokesperson has stated “We quickly adapt to market needs and demands. In Europe, we will be discontinuing sales of laptops including Chromebooks for now. This is specific to the region and is not necessarily reflective of conditions in other markets.” Yet, one has to wonder if this is region specific or if there is something in the economic undertones no one is talking about.

What about the 5,000 people laid off from Sony when the firm restructured its TV division and how many of the staff will experience job cuts from the corporate Samsung ripple? Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, so to say PC’s are in decline in Europe leads to other questions. The spokesman for Samsung also added “We will continue to thoroughly evaluate market conditions and will make further adjustments to maintain our competitiveness in emerging PC categories.”
Things have been quiet from Samsung this year on the laptop side of things with now new devices at IFA 201 in Berlin. The firm’s main recent releases have included the Ativ Book 9 Plus and Ativ Book 9 Lite.
In the case of Sony, the move resulted in significant job cuts. The firm also restructured its TV division and although a handful of staff were moved to the new company, the forecasted total loss of employees amounted to 5,000.
In Samsung’s case, we haven’t been given any information on any job losses but we’re requesting more information so we’ll update this article.
“We will continue to thoroughly evaluate market conditions and will make further adjustments to maintain our competitiveness in emerging PC categories” added the spokesperson.
The decline in PC sales is a result of lost sales to tablets among consumers. The high price of tablets sometimes makes it an ‘either/or’ situation, leaving the consumers to invest in the tablet instead. Recently, Gartner analyst, Mikako Kitagawa said “That as tablet and laptop prices decline, PC sales might improve, because more people can own both.” Meanwhile, tablet sales are rising quickly globally.
Many consumers agree on one thing: it is a convenience factor. The concept of accomplishing tasks on the move, at home, or at work is a very big deal. Consumer sales previously made up half of the PC business, now making it an intense competition across the board for PC makers due to less profitability. Are PC’s heading for the technology graveyard? Unless the price warrants affordability to indulge in both, this could be the scenario. Consumers always have the last word.