The Surprise of Wi-Fi

In the latest round of features for smartphones is a quiet one Apple should be shouting about. It is also a feature available now on some of the newest Androids. Imagine for a moment you are out of signal for your mobile network, now you can use Wi-Fi instead of your network to make a call, text, or receive a call. If you are out of range and need to use your phone, using this feature will automatically switch from network to Wi-Fi and back again when a signal appears.wifiguy
There are many benefits to this idea. The fore most mentioned is of course being out of your mobile’s network area. If you are traveling in remote areas, or if a signal is hard to get even in your own home, you won’t have to worry about missing an important call. Another plus to this feature is saving money on your data plan. You won’t be using up those valuable minutes. With the bountifulness of hotspots popping up everywhere, there might even be a good chance you will be connected more often to these Wi-Fi gems than to your own network.
You may be thinking right now that this is nothing new; phones have Skype and VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). Yet there is a difference between these technologies in a rather big way. Skype is forever cool but remember, you do have to initiate a Skype account, install the Skype app on your device and of course, buy the Skype credits to make those calls. Skype also will drop a call if you are out of range on your Wi-Fi network. With VoIP, this service cannot switch automatically from Wi-Fi to your mobile network. The greatest benefit of Wi-Fi calling is no costs to bear, no subscriptions, and no apps to install. This somehow resembles the idea of making a normal call, like from landlines.
This technology has been around for a long time; however mobile device users are becoming more aware of mobile Wi-Fi ability thanks to Apple’s subtle endorsement. Typically, this technology is known as the GAN, or Generic Access Network. Traditionally transmitted using mobile data to Wi-Fi networks instead of cell towers, your call goes on to the GAN controller. This is referred to as a ‘carrier grade’ voice service. Calls are managed inside a core network referred to as an IP Multimedia Subsystem.
The older mobile devices won’t have this automatic feature, but if you are sporting a new Apple iphone or even a later model Android, chances are your phone will have this technology. So, when you are lost inside the masses of mountains, or traversing a long mile free range, this is a comfort worth acknowledging. The benefits to the Apple Wi-Fi capabilities may even save you some money in your pocketbook.

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