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These days doesn’t it seem like everyone can build an App, with the exception of you? I am sure you know somebody who knows somebody who created an App. Somewhere in the simplicity and complexity of this great undertaking is the thought “how is it done?” In the great Google machine is a plethora of websites which will either a) create an App for you (for a wee cost), or b) step by step instructions from the best of developers. Some offer tutorials, such as Codelearn, for step by step coding and others brag you don’t need to even learn how to code if you download a program which does it for you. With blogs and websites so user-friendly now, is it possible creating phone Apps are just as easy to build?
The App market is way different now than when there were 25,000 Apps total. The competition is over 1.2 million and growing. Even if you built an exciting, fresh new concept how will people discover it? Before you venture off into App creation, recognize the magical marketing skills you will have to have just to promote the App. This is basic business. Compare it to the self publishing market with books; same principle applies. In business, there is money management, planning, product support, promotion, etc., and every little task will consume even the most brilliant lone wolf independent developer. Consumers may buy Apps like crazy, but only luck of the dice will ‘show you the money’. Sustainability is another factor. With so many Apps being created, say consumers find yours, how long could your App maintain a constant customer purchase. The most delicious App will be duplicated; clones will try to steal your thunder. Let’s say you develop a revolutionary App, one of the approaches would be to present it to companies who have millions of App users. Unless you wait a gazillion years for a patent, your intellectual property could be at risk by deception from the big boys. Think about how you will approach the touchy gray matter of business undertakings.
David Gewirtz, an author and computer scientist offers this advice for App dreamers:
Here’s a simple piece of advice: if you can’t write your app yourself, typing it on your own computer, doing the work yourself, with your own brains and skills, don’t do it.
You will lose. You will lose friends. You will lose money. It will be bad.
• If you’re a serial entrepreneur and know how to plan and put together a team: go for it.
• If you’re already an app programmer: go for it.
• If you have no tech experience: learn to program apps and do it yourself.
• If you have no tech experience and don’t want to learn to program: run, run away.
• If you have no tech experience and want to hire someone else to build it: you are going to be throwing your money away.
• If you have no tech experience and think you can talk someone into doing it for you “as a deal”: good luck, but it will backfire on you both.
If you are hard set to create an App, then remember, software programming is a good life skill and an asset in a highly desirable market today. This is what it all boils down too. There is nothing wrong with another notch of experience and learning on your belt; be sure somewhere in the next technology wave, you may be able to ride that gravy train.

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